World Peace Symposium Abuja 2023 : W.I.P Honours Army Generals, Scholar, Business Magnates

Abuja, September 27, 2023 – The World Peace Symposium that was held in Abuja in commemoration of International Day of Peace on the 21st September this year was a momentous occasion that united influential figures from various fields in a shared pursuit of sustainable peace.

During the event, those who have made remarkable contributions to peace and fostered platforms for meaningful dialogue and idea exchange were honoured with different categories of award such as Knight of World Peace (KWP), World Icon of Peace (WIP) as there was investiture as Fellow of the Institute as well.

One of the symposium’s standout moments was the recognition of Lt. Gen. Faruk Yahaya (rtd), former Chief of Army Staff, Nigeria, Major General VO Ezugwu (rtd), Major Anthony Atolagbe (rtd), and Brigadier General SK Usman, former Spokesperson, Nigerian Army for their unwavering commitment to maintaining peace and security while they were in service.

Their dedication to peacekeeping operations has played a pivotal role in preventing conflicts and promoting stability. Their recognition also serves as a beacon of inspiration for others to emulate and work towards a more peaceful world.

Meanwhile, Professor Joy Eyisi, a renowned scholar and peace advocate, was another distinguished individual honored at the symposium. Prof. Eyisi has devoted her life to researching sustainable peace, and her keynote address illuminated the significance of evidence-based strategies in building enduring peace. Her insights and expertise provided invaluable guidance to attendees, underscoring the necessity of evidence-based decision-making in peacebuilding efforts.

Other recipients of award are Dr. Samson Adegoke, Rector, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Chief Dr. Mujidat Folasade Tinubu-Ojo, Mallam Nasir Abdulqodri, a media guru and Mr. Simon Adebayo, a business mogul.

Hon. Babatunde Lekan Olatunji, a guest speaker at the symposium, emphasized the pivotal role of democracy in preserving peace. He stressed the importance of citizen participation and urged individuals to make their voices heard in shaping policies and decisions that impact their lives. His impassioned speech resonated with the audience, reminding them of democracy’s potency in fostering peace and stability. Our ambassadors from USA, UK, Sri Lanka, Greece, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada etc who joined via projected zoom as Contributory Speakers also made significant contributions.

Furthermore, the symposium turned its attention to the crucial role of youth in building a sustainable world, encapsulated in the theme “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.” This theme underscored the urgency of equipping young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle environmental challenges. Discussions centered on promoting green entrepreneurship, sustainable development, and environmental conservation. Acknowledging that investing in the education and development of youth is vital for achieving long-term peace and sustainability.

The event’s Special Guest of Honour in person of Lieutenant General Lamidi Adeosun, a respected figure in the field of peace and security, provided exemplary leadership and ensured the event’s smooth and effective execution. His presence lent credibility to the discussions and conferred a sense of authority upon the proceedings.

Lastly, the World Peace Symposium held in Abuja in 2023 was a resounding success. It brought together influential figures from diverse backgrounds to champion sustainable peace. The recognition of individuals who have made remarkable contributions to peace, the enlightening speeches by esteemed speakers, and the focus on empowering youth all contributed to an event of immense significance. The symposium served as a powerful reminder that peace can be achieved through collective efforts, evidence-based strategies, citizen participation, and investment in the education and development of future generations.

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