This form is for Peace and Security Studies diploma and certificate, students by Ahman Pategi University Kwara State & World Institute for Peace.


1) Complete this form. Please review the form before you submit it, ensuring all contact AND academic information is correct.

2) Within three days, you should receive an email from us acknowledging receipt of your application.

3) The email will also contain a link to your study/lecture dashboard.

If you do not receive this email after one week, please email us at wipapu2023@gmail.com

4) Once your online payment is successful, your application will be further assessed.

Should we require additional information, you will be emailed or contacted via phone.

5) After filling out the application form, you’ll be redirected a the payment page, where you’ll be required to make your application payment.

Note: Without payment, your application will not be attended to.

Please monitor your email, as this is the method we will communicate with students and applicants. Emails may accidentally be sent to your junk mail folder.