Meet the Organization Who from Africa are Curbing the Biggest Menace Around the World

World Institute For Peace, also know as (W.I.P) or WIP have gone a step ahead of the World’s unrest in curbing menace, creating jobs and fighting terrorism even at it wake.

However, like the 0.00001 percent of the world’s population making the biggest impact, but have been relegated in the background amidst the noise, this article seeks to lend a voice to a cause we may have been ignoring.

Birth of World Institute for Peace: When, Where and Why

World Institute for Peace (WIP), is an international nongovernmental organization. It was founded in Nigeria in 2014, by Amb. Lamina Kamiludeen Omoyoyosi. The organization was established for curbing series of menace springing up across the world, empowering youths through jobs creation and self employment schemes, curbing terrorism and combating corruption.

Also, the Institute builds young peace leaders across the world through its educational programme. The organization’s philanthropical approach for people in needs such as refugees, less privileges, children, widows, individuals who can’t afford to pay hospital bills, under equiped students and old ages across borders of life makes them worth of publicity.

High Ideals on Peace Building.

Amongst many other intiatives that WIP has put in place, like peace education, global peace movements and other setups, it’s highest priority is Peace Building.

Building People and Communities from the Grassroots.

Every year, WIP organizes a campaign tagged “CATCH THEM YOUNG/TEACH THEM PEACE” for the purpose of building more young peace advocates. This is executed by reaching out to various primary and secondary schools. Not only do they teach peace, they preach it. On most of their tours they gear pupils with school materials such as books, shoes, uniforms, backpacks and even award scholarships.

One of their most successful catch them young program was on the 15th of Nov, 2018 in Ondo State, Nigeria, where pupils across the state were trained and equiped with the proper knowledge they need to live in peace with their mates in school & home.

As a means of creating jobs, and lowering the percentage of unemployment in the society, they’ve helped thousands of youth become financially independent by training and engaging them in various entrepreneur skills.

The world should know that World Institute for Peace is a peace, humanity and human right promotion body and its sole aim is to promote peace in the world and to preserve the planet for generations.