World Institute for Peace is an internationally recognized organization that is saddled with promoting culture of peace, enhancing humanitarian services, preserving peoples rights, peace education, establishing peace clubs, exhibiting dispute resolutions, conflicts management, problem solving & honouring those that deserves honorary awards.

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Join us as we make the world a better place.

Individual Memberships

Individual Membership is for those who may / may not have experience in conflict resolutions and the promotion of humanitarian services but are interested and committed to the promotion of peace culture in their communities and across the world.

Organizational Memberships

Organizational Membership is for entire organizations, such as non-profits and university departments or programs, who demonstrate a dedication to building sustainable peace culture and the development of humanitarian services.

Applicants are required to submit an online application form. Organizational applicants must be nongovernmental in nature.

W.I.P reserves the right at any point in time to request additional information and documentation about applicant organizations in the form of letters of recommendation.


By becoming a W.I.P member – as an individual or an organization – you become part of the W.I.P family and our diverse and global network of peace activists, labor unions, environmental organizations, social movements, educational groups, and more.

We Offer

1. Mailings: a variety of documents; reports and messages on a variety of peace issues.
2. Access to our extensive contacts among NGOs, research institutes, media, and national diplomatic missions; assistance for groups visiting Nigeria.
3. Invitations to W.I.P events: seminars, conferences, online/virtual events, and our Peace Academy.
4. Discount rates on publications.
5. The opportunity to work with other members on World Institute for Peace.
6. The right to nominate candidates in Board and Council selection and to vote on resolutions.

You Can Offer

1. Exchange of information about peace activities in your region/field. This could include a regular exchange of publications.
2. Financial contributions to help ensure the continuity of W.I.P’s work.
3. Personal contacts from your own network of friends and colleagues, including potential sources of funding.
4. Translation and/or distribution of W.I.P materials.
5. Assistance with conferences and seminars in your area.
6. Writing and editing issues on the W.I.P official blog.

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World Institute for Peace.

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Note: All application will be reviewed. You’ll receive an acknowledgement from us within 7 days with further instructions. Thank you.