World Institute For Peace

Introduction of World Institute for Peace (WIP).

World Institute for Peace, has its bilateral functions, at the same time, it is an educational institution, registered with Federal Republic of Nigeria at Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and it is an Institute where formal peace education is imparted to the students through free online peace education as well as a means of distance education. It offers Certificate of Study in Peace Education and Conflict Resolutions. It is also leading a global peace movements which is led in each country of the world. Ambassadors, Ambassador at Larges, Directors, Administrators and Arbitrators lead the movement in their respective country, and take all measures involving government institutions, Civil Societies Organizations, and influential people from all over the world to resolve conflicting issues and maintain peace in the world.

Also, the Institute is aiming at building young peace leaders across the world and giving aide to people in needs such as refugees, less privileges, children, widows and old ages across borders of life.

Background of Establishment of World Institute for Peace.

The past history of the world shows that different parts of the world in the past years remained war-prone. A lot of human blood has been shed on the differences of creed and colour, race and region, besides, governments of the powerful nations under this or that pretense made the weak nations their hostages to usurp their natural resources which created in the world a situation of chaos. Since the World War I, numerous residents of the world have been killed with the un-natural devices and in the near future there seems to be no interval.

The presence of atomic, nuclear and chemical weapons on earth, avarice of the developed countries to usurp natural resources without sharing with anyone, has increased among the nations. It is very doubtful whether with the present working of peace maintaining organizations we shall be able to put the world in perfect concord. If the differences remain unchecked, the humanity may go through unprecedented upheaval and disaster in future.

Keeping in view future of the humanity and descending generations, World Institute for Peace has been established to render its role by involving the whole humanity in the peace campaign.

Our Objectives:

– To resolve conflicts among peoples of the world.

– To concentrate with top priority on the troubled part of the world.

– To convince the governments to minimize manufacturing of weapons including nuclear weapons.

– To make aware, the young generation of importance of peace in the world by engaging scholars, print and electronic media.

– To plead with the governments of the world to include in curricula contents; peace education.

– To engage from different parts of the world researchers to know the causes of conflicts in different regions of the world, to ask them to suggest proposals and then present them to concerned Governments or UN for implementation.

– To promote universal brotherhood and fraternity by involving all peace loving intellectual of the world.

– To be enhancing humanitarian services and preserving peoples rights.

– To be building more young peace leaders across borders of life.

Clarion Call

The world must know that World Institute for Peace is a peace, humanity and human right promotion body and, its sole aim is to promote peace in the world and to make the planet worth-living for the generations.

World Institute for Peace is using different strategies in promotion of peace in the world, it is using public, electronic and print media. It awards prominent men and women of the world who has rendered their services for peace through literary, humanity, human rights, security or cultural activities, or by rendering diplomatic roles in the world to promote peace.

World Institute for Peace has planned and wish to launch a mega project of education across the globe, because without formal education and without proper training of the young generation peaceful world is not sustainable and for this purpose; World Institute for Peace has appointed in several countries of the world Ambassadors, Ambassadors-at-Large, Directors, Administrators and Arbitrators to put into practice, the plan of World Institute for Peace. They have been assigned to use each and every strategy to bring changes in the existing world, and it is very obvious that such a mega project of peace can not be administered without financial assistance, therefore, there is a clarion call and appeal all governments of the world, all organizations, all donors and all rich people in the world to render their share in the noble cause. We guarantee you the just and transparent consumption of any donated funds and, or materials.